August 15, 2015 - Lennard J

I was referred to Dr. Ziv Feldman by my family doctor as a result of painful foot problems that made it difficult to walk and severely interfered with my sleeping. My family doctor told me Dr. Feldman was the best podiatrist in Calgary and that he had sent members of his own family to Dr. Feldman for treatments. Now that I have completed my right and left foot corrective surgeries for Hallux Abducto Valgus, which entailed removing bunions and correcting severe curvature in the big toe on both feet (so severe that it required 3 cuts on each toe, a first and second for Dr. Feldman), I can fully concur with my family doctor's assessment of Dr. Feldman's first rate capabilities. I followed Dr. Feldman's post-surgical protocol with a particular emphasis on elevating and icing and avoiding standing/walking to the maximum extent possible. The result was a pain free experience with no need for any pain killers other than the initial prescribed dosages. In conjunction with Dr. Feldman's post-surgical recovery protocol, I followed the recommendations of my physiotherapist to flex/extend the ankle 150 times and to rotate the ankle clockwise and counter-clockwise 25 times each way prior to every icing cycle and to then continue this for a minimum of 8 times/day until the post-surgical protocol permitted walking. The results have been fantastic -- no loss of mobility or flexibility in the ankle and no need for compression socks to offset calf muscle degradation. More important, Dr. Feldman's initial diagnosis suggested that the procedures would most likely relieve the pressure on the nerves across the ball of my foot, thus eliminating the tingling/burning sensation I experienced at night and which was interfering with my normal sleep patterns, a condition that might have resulted in unnecessary surgery to treat a misdiagnosis of neuromas in both feet if the cause had not been properly diagnosed. I am a very happy and satisfied client free of any foot problems/pain thanks to Dr. Feldman's expertise and the extremely competent care of his support staff -- thanks Brenda, Elsie and Tania!

Lennard J - Calgary

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