Mortons Neuroma Surgery

Mortons Neuroma surgery


What Is A Neuroma?

A neuroma (Morton’s neuroma) is a condition that arises from irritation of a nerve resulting in inflammation of the nerve sheath, or covering, and the possible formation of scar tissue around the nerve. It is a benign condition that occurs most commonly in the small nerve that runs between the metatarsal bones in the ball of the foot and into the third and fourth toes. Irritation to the nerve can result from improper shoes (too tight, high heels), injury or a mechanical abnormality of the foot.

What Are The Symptoms?

The most common symptom of a neuroma is pain in the ball of the foot that may radiate into the toes or even up the foot to the heel or ankle. The pain is variously described as sharp, burning or tingling in nature. Oftentimes patients have difficulty pinpointing the exact location of the pain and may complain of a generalized discomfort in the ball of the foot or the feeling that their sock is bunched up under the foot. Symptoms can be aggravated by activity that bends the foot—walking, running, wearing high-heeled shoes—or by wearing tight shoes. If the neuroma becomes large, you may also experience a “clicking” sensation or “lump” in the ball of your foot.

What Are The Treatment Options?

Treatment for neuromas generally depends on the amount of discomfort or disability you are experiencing. Trying wider shoes or shoes with lower heels may be beneficial, especially in the early stages. Orthotics with a metatarsal pad to help "space open the bones" is generally effective but necessitates shoe gear.  Ice applied to the bottom of the foot may also relieve the pain and inflammation associated with a neuroma. When conservative measures fail to relieve the symptoms, consultation with a podiatric physician is advised to discuss further options. Treatment may include the use of injections or surgery, depending on the specifics of your condition.

Surgical excision of a Neuroma is generally a benign procedure which takes approximately 20-30 minutes.  The post operative course is generally 2-3 weeks followed by athletic shoes for an additional 2 weeks. Immediate weight bearing is common after surgery but to limited extents. When considering neuroma surgery the diagnosis of a Mortons Neroma is of utmost concern. Not all pain in the ball of the foot is the result of a neuroma. 

As a general rule, Mortons Neuroma procedures are performed on an out-patient basis in an AHS approved Surgical Center or in a Hospital.  Surgical procedural costs are covered by AHS or the patient may opt for private surgery to avoid a waiting time.  A visit to Feldman Foot And Ankle Specialists will CLEARLY define all available patient options.

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