Flat Feet

 Low Arch Feet

Pes plans is the scientific term that describes the low arch or "flat" feet.  As podiatric physicians, we are very interested not only in structure but also in function of the feet. While very few people have 20-20 vision, it is also true that very few people have perfect arch structure. High and low arch feet are just the two ends of the spectrum of foot structure. The more deviation from what is considered perfect, the worse the function becomes.


high and low arch

We describe deviation from "the ideal" as imbalance in structure. It is the imbalance in structure that leads to abnormal function. Abnormal function causes pain and/or deformity. Deformity can manifest itself in a variety of foot problems such as bunions or hammerttoes.


Likewise, pain can manifest itself in a variety of ways such as heel pain ( plantar fasciitisor or help spur), corns or calluses, metatarsalgia or pain in the ball of the foot (neuromas, stress fractures, or tendonitis), even in pediatric cases. Invariably, we can treat most foot imbalance or biomechanical insufficiencies with orthotic therapy. 


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