Corns are areas of thickened skin irritations that occur on top the foot. Calluses are thick, painful skin irritations that occur on the bottom of the foot. If the thickened area is on top of the toes, we call it a corn. Corns are usually caused by shoes pressing against the top of the toes or toes pressing on each other. They are made worse if the toe is crooked or contracted (hammer toe or crooked toe).

These areas generally represent areas of excessive pressure or friction in shoes or while walking on hard surfaces. Caution should be used whenever using any type of corn or callus removers because these medications contain acids that burn the thickened skin off. If you have diabetes, you should never use these medications without a physician's guidance. These irritations will generally reoccur after use of these medications because the source of irritation is still present.

Home remedies might include shoe cushions or pads between the toes. Regular visits to the podiatrist for reduction of the hard skin is recommended or a surgical correction of the toe for repositioning.


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